Where Will You Go?! Best Adventures To Watch The Solar Eclipse!

On Monday, August 21, Adventurers from all over are going to be flocking to the best spots for a chance to view the event of a lifetime, the Great American Solar Eclipse! Be it atop a mountain, on the river, at a waterfall, or just simply in a field, getting outside for this event is a must. Where will you go?

First, lets take a look and see the “line of totality” across the country. The areas in the shaded band are the spots where you’ll see complete darkness and a total eclipse.

Along the way, there are countless opportunities for out of this world hikes and destinations within the line of totality. We’ve narrowed the best spots down, and have included the times when the eclipse will start and you should be at your destination, along with the approximate start times of the total eclipse. Weather may be an issue regardless of where you go, so make sure and plan ahead of time! Check out our Adventures down below, and don’t forget to comment where you are going to view the eclipse!

Oregon – Silver Falls State Park

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Starting in the northwest corner of the country, Oregon will get the first taste of the eclipse, and Silver Falls State Park lies entirely within the path of totality. Countless hiking trails are throughout the park, including the famous Trail of Ten Falls…. it has TEN waterfalls! And in classic Oregon style, the park is having a “Path of Totality Festival” over the weekend with live music, local craft, beer, and wine tastings!

Be There No Later Than 10:00 AM PDT

Approximate Time of Total Eclipse: 11:18 AM PDT

Idaho – Sawtooth National Forest

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The Sawtooth Mountains are a cornucopia of Adventure, and the majority of the Sawtooth National Forest falls within the line of totality. Hit up the impressive Sawtooth Lake for an out of the world viewing seat for the eclipse. The Sawtooths are also a Backpackers dream, so make real trip out of it, and spend some nights camping out in the Sawtooth Wilderness before the big day!

Be There No Later Than: 10:05 AM MDT

Approximate Time of Total Eclipse: 11:28 AM MDT
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Wyoming – Grand Teton National Park

The entire Grand Teton National Park falls within the line of totality, meaning you’ll have endless options on where to catch the eclipse. From day hikes to long backpacking excursions and everything in between, Grand Teton National Park is going to be one of the best spots to experience the event. If you don’t want a hike, you could drive to the top of Signal Mountain, however, that will most likely be very packed. The park also has designated areas where rangers will have telescopes and information on the eclipse! Choose wisely!

 Be There No Later Than: 10:10

Approximate time of Total Eclipse: 11:36
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Illinois – Shawnee National Forest

The southern section of Illinois, home of the Shawnee National Forest, begins the longest period of total blackout, with over two minutes of total darkness! The city of Carbondale, Illinois, just west of the forest, is going to have one of the longest period of darkness in the country! The majestic Garden of the Gods rock formations are located within the forest, as well as other hikes and lookouts perfect for the eclipse. Primitive camping is scattered throughout the entire park, with open areas leaving you with an unobstructed views for the eclipse.

Be There No Later Than: 11:50 AM CDT

Approximate Start Time of Total Eclipse: 1:22 PM CDT

Arkansas – Buffalo National River

Okay, Arkansas may not be in the line of totality, but it’s where we’re from, so you know we have to give a shout out to the Natural State. Where as you may not see totality, areas of Arkansas will see up to 90% total coverage. The famous and glorious Buffalo National River is without a doubt going to be one of most majestic areas in the state to view the eclipse. You can hike atop one of the many bluffs, paddle down the river, or head over the event thrown by the park at the Ozark Campground and bring in the eclipse in true Arkansas beauty!

Be There No Later Than: 12:25 CDT

Approximate Start Time of 90% Totality: 1:13 PM CDT
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Missouri – St. Joseph

Of all other states, the eclipse’s path across Missouri is ideal. It cuts directly across the middle of the state, meaning that anyone living there is within an hour of complete totality! And some parts Missouri is in darkness for over two minutes during peak eclipse! The city St Joseph in west Missouri is going to be one of the longest periods of darkness with 2:41 of a total eclipse!. And  places such as Castlewood State Park along the beautiful Meramec River, or Elephant Rock State Park atop the massive boulders will be perfect for the eclipse. Really though, you have countless options in the state! Just make sure and be within the line of totality! No excuses Missourians!

Be There No Later Than: 11:40 CDT

Approximate Start Time of Totality: 1:06 PM CDT

Tennessee – Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains are going to offer countless spots that will be perfect for catching the eclipse. This is back in the line of totality, and will be having complete darkness for almost two minutes! This is one of the most visited parks in the country, so you know its going to busy, make plans ahead of time!  Clingmans Dome, the tallest peak in the park will be hosting an event for the eclipse, and its observation tower sold out spots within minutes of opening sales. Don’t worry though, other hikes and overlooks along the road through the park will have out of this world views, and are free! Just make sure you get there early and find your spot! Cades Coves is one of the most beautiful areas of the park, and will have countless areas to take it all in.

Be There No Later Than: 1:06 PM EDT

Approximate Time of Total Eclipse: 2:35 PM EDT

South Carolina – Charleston 

The eclipse will end its American tour on the coast of South Carolina, and there wont be a better way to experience it than getting out on the water! Be it on off the coast to one of the many islands, or on the scenic Shem Creek, being out on the water for the eclipse is you’ll want to be! It’ll be popular, but you’ll have countless opportunities to find your perfect spot for the eclipse! If you don’t have your own boat, give Nature Adventures a call for rentals!

Be There No Later Than: 1:15 PM EDT

Approximate Time of Total Eclipse: 2:45 PM EDT

The Great American Eclipse is already proving to be one of the biggest events in recent history. Regardless of where you’ll be, the eclipse is going to be breathtaking. Make sure and get outside and witness this historical event in person, you can watch all the videos of it when its over. COMMENT where you’re going to view the eclipse down below and share with your friends so they can see!

Not within the line of totality?! Wanna know what it’s going to look like where you are? Check out this site, and simply put your location in! Don’t forget to share with your friends and comment below where you’re going to see the eclipse!


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