6 Amazing Adventures To Make Up Your Smoky Mountain Bucket List

The Great Smoky Mountains are an absolute must for anyone who deems themselves adventurous. A gem of the south, the Smokies are packed full with Adventures. Knowing that, we’ve got 6 Amazing Adventures To Make Up Your Smoky Mountain Bucket List. And Directions!

1.  Alum Cave Bluff To Mount Le Conte

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If there was going to be a quintessential Smoky Mountain hike, it would be this one. Mount Le Conte is one of the most notable mountains in the Smokies, and leaves you stunned with it’s scenic views. The Alum Cave Bluff Trail includes massive recess caves, as you walk along the ridge line of Mt Le Conte.   Get Directions! 

2. Charles Bunion

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Unreal views from the summit of Charles Bunion, just before the summit you’ll come across a massive boulder jutting out that gives you a front seat to the Great Smoky Mountains. Along the North Carolina/ Tennessee border on the Appalachian Trail. Get Directions!

3. Rocky Top

Rocky Top is iconic for the state of Tennessee.  Atop Thunderhead Mountain, Its actually above the amazing Cade’s Cove, and comes with out of this world views of the surrounding Smokies. Get Directions!

4. Ramsey Cascades

Ramsey Cascades is another prime waterfall in the Smokies that creates a small swimming pool. Unlike Abrams, Ramsey Cascades has some height, and drops from over 100ft. Get Directions!

5. Chimney Top

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Chimney Top Rock Will Bring you Incredible Views any Time of the Year. Located in the heart of the Smokies in Sevier County, Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Get Directions!

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6. Abrams Falls

Abrams Falls, within historic Cade’s Cove, is arguable the Smokies’ best waterfall. Its not a tall one, but it creates an awesome swimming hole for a must go to Adventure. THE spot you wanna go this when you’re trying to beat the heat, Abrams Falls in a paradise in the Summer.  Get Directions. 

And there ya go! You now have your official Smoky Mountains Adventure list. Where are you going to go first? Get some friends together and do a road trip!

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