Your Ultimate Orange Beach Alabama Adventure Itinerary

A cornucopia of Adventure and activities, Orange Beach and the Gulf Coast of Alabama brings in millions of visitors in each year. With sandy beaches hugging the warm Atlantic Ocean, its the perfect place to take a day, and kick back and relax on the water. Be it hiking or on sea adventure, its packed with wildlife, making it a true nature lovers dream.You can make a trip out to the deep end of the pool and do some deep sea fishing. Hop on a kayak or SUP and explore the shoreline, or spend a day on the beach taking it easy. It can all be overwhelming on deciding what to do when visiting, so we’ve taken the load off and narrowed it down for you below with amazing  Adventures in the Orange Beach/Gulf Coast area you have to experience!

Paddle the Shoreline and Explore

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Orange Beach has quickly become the go to spot when hitting up the Alabama coast, and paddling here is a must. Being so popular, there is a designated Orange Beach Canoe Trial, with multiple attractions along the way such as dining, shopping, and of course white sand beaches perfect for spending the day out on the water.

Along with that, you could have a chance to paddle alongside a pod of dolphins! Word around town is that Cotton Bayou is the popular destination when in search of them. Many outfitters service the area if you don’t have your own kayak or SUP.  Paddled By You is directly along the Orange Beach Canoe Trail and offers full service rentals for when you want to paddle and explore the area.

Paddled By You:

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What makes exploring the Orange Beach Coast by water complete are the multiple stops along the banks to get out and stop for food and/or shop. The iconic beach side Flora-Bama bar and grill is a must for anyone visiting the Gulf Coast area. You’ll be greeted with live music everyday, out of this world seafood and pub grub, as well as ice cold drinks to pair along side. Directly on the Florida/Alabama border and right on the water, this famous stop needs to be on your list.

Grab Your Own Boat and Be Your Own Captain

There are multiple islands and beaches scattered throughout, and one of the most popular destinations in the area is Robinson State Park and Bird Island, which is almost always guaranteed to have others out enjoying the day on it’s white sand beach. You’re able take your boat and dock it right up onto the beach!

Robinson Island is a sanctuary for birds as well, meaning there are protected areas where people cant go, leaving sea birds and other wildlife abundant! And don’t forget, wildlife isn’t just up in the air, dolphins could be joining you on your ride throughout.  You can’t watch the video above and not want to go! Having your own boat gives you the freedom to explore the coast on your own time, and leaves you with endless options. If you’re not bringing you’re own, you can rent a boat or jetski from Flora-Bama Marina and Watersports, and be your own captain while exploring the water and its many islands and beaches!

Flora-Bama Marina and Watersports:

(251) 980-5222 or Get Directions!

You can also explore the area via jetski! Hopping on your own jetski gives your much more freedom and allows you to traverse all over with ease. Perfect for groups and family, Orange Beach Marina Watersports gives jetski tours that will take you all over the coast to places people normal don’t get to explore. You can search for wildlife like dolphins, hit up the islands, and explore “Pirates Cove” where the pirate ships once docked! Pirates cove is an iconic destination, you’re always bound to have others here enjoying the day, as it’s become one of the major social destinations around. A jetski tour is ideal for all groups of friends and families, you pilot your own jetski and get escorted around the waters by an expert guide.

Orange Beach Marina Watersport:

(251) 981-4207 or Get Directions!

Deep Sea Fishing

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One of Orange Beaches’ major attractions is the out of this world fishing that it offers. Deep sea fishing specifically has become an Orange Beach staple. Everything from flounder, king mackerel, snappers, swordfish, tuna, and more all await you!

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Your options are truly endless, be it within the bays and bayous, nearshore, offshore, or off in the deep sea, the fishing is an anglers dream. After the trip, you’ll come back to the marina and get to see the fishing fleet hang their catches! When you’re ready to reel them in, make sure and stop by Orange Beach Marina! They traverse all around Orange Beach and the Gulf Coast, have multiple trips, and you’re almost always guaranteed some action!

Orange Beach Marina:

(251) 981-4207 or Get Directions!

Wildlife Eco Tours

Being packed with wildlife throughout, going on an wildlife eco tour out on the water is a must when visiting the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area. Different from simply jaunting out by yourself in the water in search of wildlife, a guided tour by an expert of the area is much more reliable, and a better chance to see wildlife such as dolphins, gators, herons, eagles and more!

 You’ll  learn about the areas islands, beaches, coves, bayous, and wildlife from your guide as you meander through it all.  Take all the stress away, have a guide, and explore the area with Cetacean Cruises! They have guided eco boat tours that will take you front in center with Gulf Coast wildlife!  Explore the hidden waterways and creeks along Wolf Bay as you move along side a pod of dolphins. The Alabama coast has countless streams, creeks, and swamps that are perfect for exploring, and the crew here are experts at the area!  They also offer breathtaking sunset sail tours that leave you in awe with the massive Gulf Coast sunsets we all love! Perfect for groups and family!

Cetacean Cruises:

(251) 550-8000 or Get Directions!

Get out on a Hike

Its not always about the beaches and water…..well, maybe it is, but hiking trails are scattered around the area, and perfect for exploring. The Hugh S Branyon Back Country Trail is the trail to hit up while here.

Not only is it abundant with wildlife, but it also has multiple trails that connect with it, leaving you with many options. Paved trails also make it great for riding your bike throughout. Along with that, nothing can quite beat taking that walk along the beach. Get out early for a sunrise stroll, or finish the day with a sunset/moonlight walk on the beach!

Take an Aerial Tour

Thanks Mike Tamburello for coming out to take a ride with us. Everyone had a fun time and we will definitely come by Tambo's Surf Shack, Erick Constantino really likes that board.

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That’s right, nothing is  quite like taking it to the sky and experiencing Orange Beach from above!  Lost Bay Helicopters provides helicopter tours as well as many sky diving events throughout the year in the Gulf Coast area. So when you’re ready to really get the adrenaline flowing, look no further.

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Flying above Orange Beach is breathtaking, as you’re able to see the entire Gulf Coast region from an unbeatable vantage point. The team over at Lost Bay has everything from beach and island tours, sunset tours, sea and wildlife tours, custom tours, and more! Another must for groups of friends and family, fly high and experience the Gulf Coast area from above with Lost Bay Helicopter Tours!
You can also take to the sky via parasailing! Parasailing is an experience unlike any other. As you float 400 ft. up through the air, you’re put into an unbelievably relaxed state, and left with beautiful views as far as the eye can see! You’ll have breathtaking views of the aqua blue waters, white sand beaches, and you’ll be able to spot wildlife such as turtles, dolphins, and more!  The spot to head to when you’re ready to float above is Orange Beach Marina Watersports!  They operate for all age and experience levels, and have trips over the Orange Beach, Gulf Coast, and Pensacola area.

Orange Beach Marina Watersport:

(251) 981-4207 or Get Directions!


Alright, lets see, so far we have paddling and exploring the many islands. Grabbing your own boat and spending a day on the beach with friends. Catching some monsters while deep sea fishing. Going on an wildlife tour throughout the many bayous, bays, creeks, and beaches. What’s next? Lets get under the water!

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Orange Beach is the perfect destination for going scuba diving and exploring the bottom. With clear, turquoise waters, your visibility is out of this world. Be it diving in search of sea turtles and other sea life, or exploring shipwrecks like the LuLu and Oriskany, your diving experience will be one to remember! You’re going to want to stop by High Pressure Dive Shop when you’re ready to explore below! They have locations for all experience levels, including both shipwrecks mentioned above, and have everything you’ll need to dive! They have multiple options from inshore, midshore, and offshore dives, in both natural and man made (shipwrecks, bridges, and barges) environments.

High Pressure Dive Shop:

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After all the Adventuring, we know you’re going to hungry and ready to scarf down some of the famous Gulf Coast seafood. Which is why you’ll want to grab some food at Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina. Voted one of the top five restaurants in the south by Southern Living, you won’t be disappointed. They have two restaurants on location that are both out of this world. Be it the Upstairs for a more fine dining experience or the casual Dockside location, both serve mouthwatering food with local ingredients from the area!
As you can see, making a stop at the Orange Beach Marina is a must, as it provides many of these services and more. They’ve been voted one of the top 25 marinas in the country, and is a hub for Adventure and activities. Whether its on one of their jetski tours, deep sea fishing charters,  dolphin tours, or floating high on a parasailing Adventure, OBM has you covered and is the spot to head to when in the area. You can take a stroll among the docks and see multi million dollar sport boats, hit up their dock store or gift shop for gear and all your beach necessities, and dine and wine along the beach while grabbing some of the best grub in town at their one of their restaurants. Its the complete package, and the crew over at Orange Beach Marina takes pride in making your Gulf Coast experience one of a kind!
Adventures Awaits when you come to the Orange Beach/Gulf Coast area!  When you come, a tip we can give to all is plan on staying multiple days here!  With endless Adventures, you’re never going to want to leave. So give yourself some time, get some friends together, relax on the beach, and Adventure On!

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