9 Amazing Maine Water Adventures You Need To Experience

Maine is an adventurers paradise. There are endless opportunities for you to get out and explore the true beauty this great state has to offer. One, if not the the best, of the best ways to experience Maine is hopping on a kayak, canoe, raft, or SUP and hitting the water! Be it a whitewater river, scenic coastal bay/islands, or a fishers paradise, the options here are countless! With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the Maine water Adventures you need to get to! Check them out below, and share with your friends!

Penobscot River – Maps

The Penobscot River is has it all! Well known for its white water rapids, it’s also heralded as one of the best fishing destinations in the state. If that’s not enough, you’re also engulfed in Maine wilderness throughout, as you’re within North Woods. You’ll have a chance to flow by the base of the majestic Mt. Katahdin, leaving you in awe as you conquer the rapids. Or you could check out a natural water slide along Nesowdnehunk Stream!

The rapids all range from class III all the up to the monster class V’s. When you’re ready to take on the Penobscot, make sure and check out Penobscot Adventures Whitewater Rafting! They have multiple trips for all experience levels on both the lower and upper sections of the river.  Half day to full day trips, as well as the “Ultimate” Penobscot trip through the class V Upper Gorge and Cribworks section!

Penobscot Adventures Whitewater Rafting:

(877) 356-9386 or Get Directions!

Kennebec River – Maps

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Arguably Maine’s most popular rafting destination, the Kennebec River provides up to class IV rapids all season long! Every day the Harris Damn releases water into the Kennebec, leaving you with perfect rafting conditions anytime you go. You’ll flow through the beautiful scenery of the Kennebec River Gorge with cool crystal clear water flowing beneath you.

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You have options for all experience levels. However, when your ready for an intense whitewater trip, make it out to the Kennebec one of the four times the damn tests their generators by releasing the maximum amount of water allowed, creating massive rapids and deep drops scattered throughout the river. Conquer that rapids, and make sure and hit up Moxie Outdoor Adventures when you’re ready to conquer the Kennebec, they have multiple trips down river with full service raft rentals.

Moxie Outdoor Adventures:

(800) 866-6943 or Get Directions!

Mid Coast Maine – Maps

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Adventuring coastal Maine is an experience all need to have.  Paddle out to an uninhabited island, explore the countless bays, or paddle out along harbor seals and other sea life! Mid Coast Maine offers all of the above. It’s loaded with secluded beaches, rock gardens, pristine islands…..you’ll see seals, osprey and bald eagles. Be it the popular Casco Bay or a secluded self guided Adventure off on your own, your mid coast Maine trip will be unforgettable.

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The Coast of Maine is well known for hosting some of the best paddling Adventures around, you need to get out here. When you do, you’ll want to go to Seaspray Kayaking and Paddleboarding  for all your services. They’ve been operating the Coast of Maine for 25 years, and have countless trips like the famous moonlight paddles, Inn to Inn tours, or sunset excursions! You can launch from two of their locations, or they also deliver your kayak rentals out to you. Full service rentals and guided tours for a private trips and groups events up to 100 people!

Seaspray Kayaking and Paddleboarding:

(207) 443-3646 or Get Directions!

St. Croix – Maps

The St. Croix river flows along the US-Canadian border in eastern Maine, and offers the perfect combination of both whitewater rapids and an easy relaxed flow down river. That being, its ideal for all skill levels. Being another river that is regulated by a dam, the water levels on the St. Croix are always perfect for paddling May through October.

You also have ample opportunities to spot some wildlife along the way, bald eagles are a common sight to see during your trip! Multiple day trips on the St. Croix has become a favorite of many, as you’re able to pull off and camp along the banks and explore the beautiful St. Croix Valley area. Sunrise Canoe and Kayak offers guided and self guided multiple day trips as well as day trip rentals for the St Croix.

Sunrise Canoe and Kayak:

(207) 255-3375 or Get Directions!

Dead River – Maps

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Another epic whitewater river trip in Maine, the Dead River pairs you with continuous white water rapids and beautiful Maine scenery. Another dam controlled river, rapids will be there all through the season, leaving you with 16 mile of rapids and Maine wilderness to go along.

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And when the rapids are named, you know its gonna intense. You’ll come across “The Mine Field”, “Elephant Rock”, “Humpty Dumpty”, and the notorious “Poplar Hills Falls”, which is a mile long set of 15 waves! Make sure and stop by Moxie Outdoor Adventures for all you Dead River needs. They offer guided and self guided rafting trips, full service, and also offer inflatable kayaks to take on the Dead!

Moxie Outdoor Adventures:

(800) 866-6943 or Get Directions!

East Branch of Penobscot – Maps

Other than being one of the go to whitewater rivers in Maine, the Penobscot also offers remote and scenic wilderness adventures in the heart of the North Woods. You’re surrounded in undeveloped pristine wilderness, and left with some of the best fishing around. Fly fishing is a favorite, with anglers catching everything from salmon, trout, and small-mouth bass. Overnight trips on the east branch are a must, as nothing beats paddling out to a remote campsite and sleeping under the stars.

Rocky Hill Farms & Adventures is an up and coming outfitter that services multiple day trips along the scenic East Branch.  Their an off the grid, ecofriendly, sustainable farm that offers everything from canoe/rafting trips, hiking/backpacking excursions, sustainability teaches, and more! Their owner, Randy Smith, is an expert guide, and knows the Maine’s wilderness like the back of his hand. When you’re ready to explore the North Woods on Penobscot’s east branch, Randy and his crew will have everything you need and more!

Rocky Hill Farms & Adventures:

(207)-233-5338 or Get Directions! 

Acadia National Park Region – Maps

Acadia National Park is quite possible one of the most underrated National Parks in the country, and paddling around around and within the park leaves you with countless examples of its true, pristine beauty. Be it one one of the many glacier formed lakes, or one of the many ocean bays and coves along the coast, you’re guaranteed to be left in awe. Lakes such as Echo, Eagle, or Long Pond, where you’ll come front and center with the massive Mansell Mountain, are all perfect for a paddle and packed with breathtaking scenery.

Wildlife is abundant, and the fishing here is also some of the best, with bass, trout, and salmon all frequenting the lakes.  Frenchman’s Bay is a go to spot along the coast, with multiple coves and shoreline to explore. The Acadia region is breathtaking, and being able to paddle through and around it is an experience unlike any other. Make sure and stop by Acadia Stand Up Paddle Boarding when you’re ready to explore this majestic area. The first, and premier stand up paddleboard outfitter for the Acadia region. Full service rentals for all of the lakes and ocean bays around!

Acadia Stand Up Paddle Boarding:

(207) 610-2970 or Get Directions!

Great Wass Archipelago – Maps 

The Great Wass Archipelago is a classic example of a Maine coastal Adventure. Here you’re able to hope from island to island, having a chance to get out and explore along the way. Granite shores line the banks of the 1500 acre Great Wass Preserve. When the tides are right, you’re also able to hike up to the Moose Peak Lighthouse, leaving you with breathtaking views of the coast.

Wildlife is also a major part of this trip as the Great Wass archipelago is an excellent area for viewing harbor seals and bald eagles. A trip out to the Great Wass is something all need to make, and team over at Sunrise Canoe and Kayak are experts of the Archipelago, and have full service guided trips for you to explore!

Sunrise Canoe and Kayak:

(207) 255-3375 or Get Directions!

There you have it, your ultimate guide to the amazing water Adventures in Maine. Make this a memorable year out on the water. Hitting the rivers, lakes, and coast allow you to experience Maine in a way like no other. Hit up some friends, make some plans, and get ready to on an adventure.

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