Hotel? Nahh I’ll Sleep In My Car: Why Car Camping Is The Way To Go

A Hotel? Why pay for a place to sleep when you have one already? Not paying for a place to sleep opens up more Adventures, more room in the budget, and more experiences. And with that in mind, it’s easy to see Why Car Camping is The Way To Go.

The hardest part is organizing your luggage, after this you’re set.

You then hit the road with your friends, get to wherever you’re headed, and pick out spot.

Lets make it clear, don’t just whip your vehicle anywhere and call it a night, don’t trespass or anything. Free campsites are the go to, or a random field off the road,  the beach,  on top of a scenic overlook…the possibilities are endless.

It’s safe to say that its every Adventurers’ dream to get a van, fix it up, and travel the country freely. Let’s do it! Now, some of this could be defined as glamping, “glamorous camping” of course. Not sure where the line is drawn and what specifies glamping….call it what you want, its awesome.

You can go all out, get a bus,  make it a place you’ll never want to leave. Seriously, look at this….greatness.

Or just take it simple like the founders of Nature Backs’ did. Five months traveling the Country to the greatest Adventures around, and not only did they sleep entirely in their truck, but ran the business from it as well. Make room, fold or recline the seats down, and rest easy for tomorrow Adventure.

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In reality though, this is what want.

Ahhh the Sprinter Van, quintessential new age camping symbol. And throw in the dog, rug, and the Aztec blanket…..Instagram gold.

Car Camping gives you an experience unlike any other.  Its falling asleep to the stars and waking up to a sunrise all in comfort and privacy of your little personalized  “home.”  Best with friends as always! Who are you gonna get together and hit the road with? Its easy, and with technology, social media, and travel being more accessible than ever, it’s a possibility for all!

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