Your Grand Teton National Park Adventure Guide

In the Northwest Corner of Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park brings everything an Adventurer could dream of! On the border with the notorious Yellowstone National Park, it’s less crowded, meaning you’re left with far fewer people and more nature while on your Adventurers. You have endless trails with breathtaking mountain views, alpine lakes, wildlife, fishing, waterfalls, backpacking, and countless other activities all year round. Be it in the heat of summer, or the cold of winter, Grand Teton National Park has what you’re looking for, and we have your Adventure guide down below for when you plan your trip out!

– Best Day Hikes –

Inspiration Point – The hike up to inspiration point isn’t just about the breathtaking views you’re left with at the top. The trail starts at the base of Jenny Lake, and brings you right along the shoreline for amazing views. You’ll then move onward up the trail where it meets with the majestic Hidden Falls! After the falls, it just a short trek to Inspiration Point, where one direction looks into the massive Teton peaks, and the other over the beautiful Jenny Lake! At this point, you can head back down, or continue up into the Tetons via the Cascade Canyon Loop Trail. **Best between April-September, dependent on weather conditions**

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Taggart Lake Trail – One of the most popular hikes in the par, the easy going Taggart Lake Trail is packed with Mountain views, wildlife, and of course the beautiful Taggart Lake. You’re also left with front and center views of the massive Grand Teton Mountain. At 13,770 ft., its the largest peak in the Park, and where it gets its name. **Best between April-September, dependent on weather conditions**

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Signal Mountain – Rising to the top Signal Mountain leaves you with out of this world views of the Teton Range and the valley below. You can either hike up, or there’s road you can drive to the top  and its also a favorite for snowshoe hikes in the winter!

– Wildlife –

The wildlife within Grand Teton NP is out of this world. You’re almost guaranteed to see something driving through the highway that runs through the park. Be it a moose, grizzly or black bear, bison, bald eagle, elk, fox, big horn sheep, or wolf, the area is packed with wildlife.

As mentioned, taking a drive through the park will leave you with chances to see wildlife, but nothing compares to the action and excitement you’ll have while on a wildlife tour with a professional guide. Wildlife Expeditions of Teton Science Schools gives guided tours in the Tetons as well as the popular Yellowstone NP just north.  Not only are they experienced guides, they’re also trained biologists, geologists and environmental scientists, meaning they truly are experts of the area. Being the only non-profit tour provider in the area, all proceeds go to their mission of inspiring curiosity, engagement, and leadership through transformative place-based education.

 More than just wandering by yourself in search of animals, the team here will bring you to specific locations where they know you’ll see wildlife. Perfect for groups, you’ll get an in depth tour of this majestic area, and will be left with countless wildlife sighting opportunities throughout. The team over at Wildlife Expeditions will have everything you’ll need, and offer many different trips including a guided sunrise tour!

Wildlife Expeditions:

(307) 733-2623 or Get Directions!

Its not all about whats above ground here, fishing in and around the park is a go to for any angler! The famous Snake River flows through the park and is a hot spot for fly fishing, specifically cutthroat trout! The South Fork and Henry’s Fork both offer great fishing year round as well. And don’t fret the winter months, water is relatively slower and offers perfect conditions for wading in. Winter weather also means the lakes freeze over, and it’s time to ice fish!

Bringing the right equipment and staying safe is always key, and many outfitters in the area provide guided tours and services for your fishing Adventures. When looking to reel them in here, make sure and stop by Grand Teton Fly Fishing! Over 40 years in service, the crew here are experts of the waters in the area, offer multiple trips,and also have a pro shop with all the gear you’ll need.

Grand Teton Fly Fishing:

(307) 690-0910 or Get Directions! 

– Winter Activities –

 – Cross Country Skiing/Snowshoe Hikes –

What do you do when winter rolls in and dumps snow all over the trails and park? Get out on a cross country skiing or snowshoe hiking Adventure! A completely different experience than hiking, exploring the park with snow covering is something every Adventurer should do. Follow animal tracks in the snow, examine different aspects of winter ecology, and enjoy the outstanding beauty of the Grand Teton’s as it is blanketed in white.

And of course with every Adventure in the Teton’s, you’re left with awe inspiring views of the massive peaks throughout! You’ll want to contact Hole Hiking Experience when you’re ready to trek into the Grand Tetons in winter. They have multiple trips for all skill levels, including short two hour treks all the way to 3/4 day trips. Experts of the area, you’ll be in good hands. Along with cross country skiing and snowshoe tours, they also provide dog sled tours through the park and more!

 Hole Hiking Experience: (866) 733-4453

Be it skiing or snowboarding, Grand Teton National Park has quickly became one of most prized winter sports destinations in the country. Just south of the park, the town of Jackson Hole is the hub for all things winter sports, and leaves you with outstanding Teton views as you make your run down the mountains. Not only has skiing and snowboarding become the go to winter activity, but tubing down a snow covered mountain has quickly become a favorite as well!

 Bringing back the days of sledding down the neighborhood hill, flying down a mountain here on a tube is an out of this world experience. Your winter sports king here is no other than Snow King Mountain! Being in business for over 79 seasons, they’re the premier outfitter and have runs for all experience levels. Located in the historic Jackson Hole, Wyoming, just outside of Grand Teton NP!

Snow King Mountain:

(307) 201-5464 or Get Directions!

– Camping/Lodging –

It’s quite impossible to come to the Grand Tetons and not stay multiple days here. That being, you’ll need find a place to rest your head for the night. Camping here is an absolute breathtaking experience. Sleep under the stars in one of the primitive campground within the park. Jenny Lake Campground in the park is a prized favorite, as its location is the by main hiking area of the park, and you’re left with out of this world views of Jenny Lake and the Tetons behind.

If you’re not looking to camp out, many lodges and cabins are scattered in and around the park that are perfect for staying a couple days engulfed in nature, but comfortably inside. Signal Mountain Lodge within the park is a favorite, and has a full restaurant within. Outside of the park, Togwotee Mountain Lodge just outside in Moran, Wyoming, is just what you’ll be looking for! Not only do they have amazing views of the area, they also have activities such as snowmobiling and dog sled tours!

Togwotee Mountain Lodge:

(307) 543-2847 or Get Directions!

What are you waiting for?!?! Pack the bags, get your friends and family, and get out to to Grand Teton National Park ASAP! Adventure truly awaits you, and as you can see, you’ll have your hands full. Stay safe, and Adventure On!

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