Your Grand Canyon Adventure Guide

One of the “Seven Wonders of the World”, the Grand Canyon draws in Adventurers from all across the globe each year to experience its greatness. Carved out by the Colorado running through it, the canyon can reach depths of over 6,000+ ft, leaving you with the countless awe inspiring overlooks we’ve all come to know.  A trip to the Grand Canyon isn’t just about the mind blowing vista you’re left with, this area is packed with Adventure! What are the best day hikes? Where should you camp? Where do you head in the winter months? Where’s the best place to catch the sunset? It’s overwhelming on deciding what to do, and with that being, we’ve got your Grand Canyon Adventure Guide down below! Check it out and Share with your Friends!

– Best Day Hikes –

Bright Angel Trail – The Bright Angel Trail has countless different options along its route and is an iconic trail in the park. Along the South Rim, you’re left with countless overlooks with the Colorado River in sight down below. As mentioned, there are multiple options for you on the Bright Angel Trail. Looking for a longer hike? Hit up the 19 mile Bright Angle Trail to Bright Angel Campground. For a shorter trek, the Bight Angel Trail to Three Mile Resthouse is only six miles and packs breathtaking views. ** Available Year Round**

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South Kebab Trail to Cedar Ridge – The short 3 mile trek out to Cedar Ridge is packed with beautiful wildflowers and captivating panoramic views along the rim the entire the way. However, none will compare to the view you’re left once you reach the ridge. Similar to the Bright Angel Trail, the south Kabab Trail offers multiple different Adventures and trails along the way. ** Best between March-November **

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Rim Trail – Both the South and North Rims offer easy hikes along the edge of the Canyon that leave you in awe with their views. Along the way, specific viewpoints will be available for you to step out and take in the massive canyon below. The  North Rim is best from March-November, and the South Rim is open year round, so head there for the winter months. The South Rim is easily the more populated section of the park, and hosts countless Adventures.

– Bike the Rim –

Spent the evening at the canyon shooting some footage to promote riding bikes at the canyon. Just as I was wrapping up…

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Biking the Grand Canyon has quickly become one of the best way to experience the beauty of the park. Biking allows you to experience more, as you’re able to travel further distances along the rim fairley easily. The park has multiple bike paths that leave you in awe with breathtaking view after view of the Canyon throughout.

Bike Grand Canyon! Are you gonna Ride the Rim in 2017?

Are you gonna Ride the Rim at Grand Canyon in 2017?

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Tackle it on your own, or get a guided bike tour with Bright Angel Bicycles! Not only do the have bike rentals, they also have guided tours that bring you to the best overlooks you can find. They have multiple trips, are experts of the area, and can direct you onto the best bike route based off your wants and needs. They also have a gear shop and Cafe on site at Mather Point that has all you essential gear needs and the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat!

Bright Angel Bicycles:

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– Guided Tours –

Different than jaunting out on the Canyon by yourself, a guided tour is a perfect way to experience as much as the area as you can. Being guided by an expert of the area, all your needs are taken care of, an your only job is experience the greatness of the park.

Pink Jeep Tours offer multiple trips throughout the park featuring all the best overlooks, wildlife, famous destinations, and more! Catching a sunset tour with them is a must! You’re escorted to the best spots around, and left in pure amazement as the sun sets over the horizon.

‘Being in business for over 50 years with thousands of satisfied customers, Pink Jeep Tours is the place to go!  The reviews speak for themselves, and we mean it, they have a proven track record of providing out of this world tours through the Grand Canyon. Open year round, they offer tours for all seasons, and will make your Grand Canyon experience one to remember!

Pink Jeep Tours:

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– Scenic Points –

Not wanting to hike to the all the amazing viewpoints? That’s fine! Scenic points throughout the park  are just off the road, and offer some of the best views around. The well known Desert View Road, open year round along the South Rim, runs by multiple must see points such as Moran, Grandview, and the famous Yaki Point (pictured above). Yaki is only accessible by park shuttle bus and is considered one of, if not the best, place to view a sunset in the park.

The North Rim of the park also has countless viewpoints throughout. The crown jewel of the North Rim is the impressive Point Imperial. Being the highest rim overlook in the park at over 8,800 ft., you’re left with awe inspiring vistas and views of Mt. Hayden, the Vermilion Cliffs, and Marble Canyon. The North Rim is open primarily from March to October depending on weather conditions, so make sure you check the weather conditions when wanting to explore here.

– Aerial Tours –

Viewing the Grand Canyon from above is an out of this world experience that every Adventurer should have. In taking an aerial tour, you’re able to see the park from unbeatable vantage points and see much more than you could on your own two feet or in a vehicle.

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Grand Canyon Helicopters has become the go to spot for aerial tours of the Grand Canyon. Just like a guided tour, all you need to do is sit back and take it all in, and Grand Canyon Helicopters will take care of the rest. You’ll fly over both the Kaibab National Forest and the Grand Canyon, and will have countless opportunities for postcard worthy pictures along the way.

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– Camping/Lodging –

When visiting the Grand Canyon, it’s almost impossible to stay for only a day. That being, you’ll need a spot to camp out or lodge, and the Grand Canyon has you covered with multiple spots. Camping here is out of this world. The sunsets/sunrises are breathtaking, the stars come out at night, and the Canyon either sits below or engulfs you. For primitive camping, a favorite spot on the South Rim is Ruby Hill (you’ll need an off road vehicle to get here), as you’re greeted with incredible sunrise views of Point Sublime. Car camping here is some of the best in the country as well, just check out the video below of Hansbourough Point if you don’t believe us!

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You’ll need permits to reach locations such as Hansbourough above, always check with park officials beforehand. Point Sublime on the North Rim has amazing Canyon views surrounding all of the primitive campsites there. You’re on top of the Canyon here, and left with nothing short of awe inspiring views. More developed campsites that have hundreds of spots for camping and RV’s are Mather Point on the South Rim and Tuweep Campground on the North.

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If you’re not wanting to sleep under the stars and still have an unforgettable stay at the Grand Canyon, multiple lodging options are available. We recommend staying at the Yavapai Lodge. Located on the South Rim, its open year round and is in perfect location to multiple hikes. You have outstanding views and Adventures, breakfast lunch and dinner served at their restaurant, and a fully stocked bar to plan your next day’s Adventures!

Yavapai Lodge:

(928) 638-4001 or Get Directions!

– An Oasis in the Desert –

You’ve probably came across it in your social media feeds once or twice and thought to yourself “Where is this?!’ followed by “No way that’s in Arizona!” But yes, the paradise known as Havasupai is right here at the Grand Canyon!

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The clear blue waters of Havasu Creek create a series of waterfalls as well as swimming holes perfect for beating the heat of the desert. Multiple waterfalls await you! You’ll run into Mooney Falls (pictured below), an absolute masterpiece that drops from over 200 ft tall and creates swimming pool below the falls. The hike out to the oasis isn’t a short one, depending on what you do you’ll easily traverse over 13 miles, but you’re able to camp there as well!

Being that Havasupai resides on a Navajo Reservation, a permit is necessary to visit. Just Roughin It provides guided excursions out to Havasupai, and have a proven track record of guiding out of this world Adventures. They provide multiple day backpacking trips that take you to not only the amazing vistas the Grand Canyon is known for, but the

– Horseshoe Bend/ Slot Canyon –

Possibly one of the most Instagram’ed Adventures in the Country, Horseshoe Bend is an iconic destination all need to experience. There’s a reason so many people flock to it year after year, as the Colorado River bends and creates the perfect horseshoe and the view you’re left with is out of this world.

Just around the corner from Horseshoe Bend, you can step into another planet and explore a hidden Slot Canyon. Years of erosion have carved out slot canyons you’re able to explore through, and experience one of the areas wildest Adventures. You can hit both of them up in one day and take a guided tour with Horseshoe Bend Tours! Experts of the area, they offer tours year round,  take you on both Adventures during the same tour, and leave you with an unforgettable experience!

Horseshoe Bend Tours:

(435) 275-4594 or Get Directions!

What are you waiting for?!?! Pack the bags, get your friends and family, and get out to the Grand Canyon ASAP! Adventure truly awaits you, and as you can see, you’ll have your hands full. Stay safe, and Adventure On!

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