7 California Summer Adventures You Won’t Want To Miss

Summer is here, and that means its time to break out the swim suits, hit the rivers, beaches, and lakes and head out on a summer adventure. Weather its exploring some sea caves, whitewater rafting, or kayaking along side sea lions and whales, California has countless destinations you need to check out! That being, we put together a list of 7 Amazing California Summer Adventures You Won’t Want To Miss. Check them out below and share with your friends!

Upper Trinity River – Maps

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Located in Northern California, the Upper Trinity River offers a cool relaxed float, and is absolutely perfect for a summer getaway. This clear, cold section is well known for some amazing fishing, so its a must for any anglers. For the most part, its a calm trip, but includes some class II rapids along the way for some excitement.

Weather on a raft or a kayak, a trip on the Upper Trinity is one of the best ways to experience the scenic beauty of Northern California. Being much calmer than other sections, its perfect for group trips with friends and family. When you do head to the Trinity, make sure and hit up Old Bridge Rafting, they have full service raft and kayak rentals as well as guided fishing trips for an amazing time out on the river!

Old Bridge Rafting:
(530) 778-0509 or Get Directions! 

Lower American River – Maps

In northern California near Sacramento lies a quintessential summer getaway! The American provides a enjoyable, fun float down the river, with a few class I -II rapids scattered throughout for some thrills. This popular section of the river jets you through the American River Parkway, where you can enjoy a scenic and refreshing float with multiple places to pull off to picnic, sunbathe and swim.

The American River is the prime place to hit the water with a large group! Nothing feels better than refreshing water, cold drinks, warm weather and the good company of friends and family! So get out there! And when you do, include American River Raft Rentals in your plans! In operation since 1974, this amazing team are veterans of the American, and your local large group experts. ARRR provides reliable full service raft and kayak rentals … so you can have that amazing river trip you crave!

American River Raft Rentals:
(888) 338-7238 or Get Directions!

Russian River/Sonoma Coast – Maps

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Heading out to where the Russian Rive meets the sea, this is a truly scenic and wildlife packed experience. Located in the famously beautiful Sonoma County, exploring this section of the Russian will leave you in awe. Other than the scenic beauty of Northern California, you could see harbor seals, mountain lions, deer, and even the occasional whale off the coast!

You’ll explore down the Russian River to where it meets the sea at the Jenner Estuary with numerous coastal beaches. You can spend the whole day there, as there are multiple areas to pull off on and take a break on a beach or island and enjoy the views. The spot to head to when coming here is Watertreks Eco Tours, they specialize in the wildlife rich estuary and river, and  provide full service for this scenic getaway!

Watertreks Eco Tours:
(707) 865-2249  or Get Directions! 

Klamath River – Maps

In the heart of the Klamath National Forest in Northern California lies a true scenic masterpiece, the Klamath River. A jaunt down the Klamath is for the most part calm, but has rapids scattered throughout the trip. The scenic beauty of Northern California truly comes out here. Dense forest line the banks with massive boulders and wildlife to add.

Being in the heart of the forest, an overnight trip on the Klamath is an out of this world experience all need to have. Another prime spot to fish on this list, bringing a pole isn’t a bad idea. To experience the Klamath, head to Klamath River Resort Inn., they’re right on the banks of the majestic river, and offer kayak rentals and shuttles for you Klamath adventure!

Klamath River Resort Inn:
(530) 493-2735 or Get Directions!

Big Bear Lake – Maps

In the heart of the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California lies Big Bear Lake, a summer getaway every Californian should get too. Come here and you’ll spend the entire day out beating the heat, exploring the countless coves, and relaxing on the beaches. With the San Bernardino Mountains surrounding the lake, the high altitude scenic experience you get is breathtaking.

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Wildlife is abundant, and its also within the Pacific Flyway, making bird watching outstanding here. So keep an eye out for bald eagles, herons, osprey, egret, and other  waterfowls. Paddles and Pedals is the spot to head to when wanting to explore Big Bear Lake. Family friendly, they provide kayak, SUPs, as well as bike rentals and are the only outfitter with direct access to the scenic bike path of Big Bear. Having an easy access private beach on the lake as well, they have everything you’ll need for your Big Bear adventure!

Paddles and Pedal:
(909) 936-2907 or Get Directions!

La Jolla Sea Caves – Maps

A true Southern California experience, a trip to the La Jolla Sea Caves is out of this world. Situated along the coast line, you’ll explore through multiple caves along the shoreline, creating an experience unlike anything else. Adding to the trip, the coastal wildlife is amazing!

Head out to the sea caves and watch sea lions sunning on the rocks, harmless leopard sharks, and even dolphins! A day spent out at the sea caves is the perfect summer getaway, and when you do hit up the crew at Everyday California. They have everything you’ll need, guided tours as well as kayak, SUPs, surfboards, and snorkel rentals for an awesome day out at the La Jolla Sea Caves!

Everyday California:
(858) 454-6195 or Get Directions!

Kern River – Maps

The wild and scenic Kern River springs from the high Sierra Nevada mountains, and offers some of the best whitewater rafting in the state. All in all, you can catch everything from class II-V rapids while out on the Kern, making it a perfect destination for rafters of all skill levels. Flowing through the Sequoia  National Forest, the scenery here is on point.

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Hit the Upper Kern is a paradise for rafters, with 20 miles of continuous class III-IV rapids, your trip is filled with constant excitement. Check out the Lower Kern for less rapids and a more relaxed scenic float with class II-III rapids. Whatever section you hit, the crew over at Mountain and River Adventures has everything you’ll need, and services the entire Kern to accommodate every paddler.

Mountain and River Adventures:
(760) 376-6553  or Get Directions!

Lake Tahoe – Maps

Lake Tahoe is a famous destination for Adventures around the world, and it’s well worth it. A crown jewel of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Lake Tahoe offers some of the most beautiful scenery around. With massive boulders are scattered along the banks, countless beaches, and mountains on every side, the is a trip you’ll want to make.

Nothing beats a day exploring Lake Tahoe while stopping off along the beaches to take a break and explore. The water is a crystal clear blue and creates quite the experience for all Adventurers. Lake Tahoe is a can’t miss Adventure, and when you make it up there, stop by Tahoe Adventure Company for all your paddling needs. They have kayak and SUP rentals to have an unforgettable time on the Lake.

Tahoe Adventure Company:
(530) 913-9212 or Get Directions!

Trinidad Bay – Maps

Located in the famously beautiful Humboldt County of Northern California, a day spent at Trinidad Bay is packed with adventures, making it a no brainer summer getaway. Right along the coast, as you paddle out you can come across sea lions and seals. Along with that, Trinidad Bay is frequented with migrating grey whales and orca!

You’ll have the chance to explore through rock islands and sea stacks that make up “California’s Coastal Monuments.” Trinidad Bay is a masterpiece of the California Coast, and exploring here is a must for the summer. As you make it out, stop by the team at Humboats Kayak Adventures, they have kayak,canoe, and SUP rentals and guided tours to explore the bay.

Humboats Kayak Adventures:
(707) 443-5157 or Get Directions!

There you have it, 8 amazing summer adventures in California to help you cool down as the weather warms up. California as countless spots to kick back and relax on the water… question is? Where will you go first? Free up a weekend, hit it with some friends, and plan your next adventure on your California waterway!
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