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8 Insane Oregon Adventures Near Portland You Have To See

Oregon could arguably be the most Adventure packed state around. You’ll never be without something to do.  Portland is the states’ largest city, and there’s no secret why, Adventures are scattered all around! With that being, here are 8 Insane Oregon Adventures Near Portland You Have To See.

1. Eagle Creek

The Columbia River Gorge is an Adventurers’ paradise, and Eagle Creek Trail is where you want to be. Multiple waterfalls along the hike, including both Punch Bowl and Tunnel Falls (which you can walk behind).

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2. Ramona Falls

Well known for being one of the most beautiful waterfalls around the area, Ramona Falls drops from over 120 ft., and creates a classic “bridal veil” look. Within the Mt Hood National Forest.

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3. Haystack Rock

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Remember that awesome movie you’ve seen probably 100 times? Yeah, “The Goonies.” Look familiar? Haystack Rock is iconic. Located in Cannon Beach, catch a sunset here, its definitely worth it.

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4. Latourell Falls

Another masterpiece within Gorge, Latourell Falls is a massive 250 ft. drop. You can sometimes see this monster from the historic Columbia River Highway.

5. Saddle Mountain

Saddle Mountain gives you epic views of the Northwest Corner of Oregon. On a clear day you can see all the way from the Cascade Range to the Coast.

6. Multnomah Falls

You can’t have a list about Adventures in Oregon, especially a Portland one,  and not include Multnomah Falls. The famous Falls have not one, but two drops to create masterpiece. Drops from over 540 and 70 ft., super easy hike.

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7. Rooster Rock

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Experience the Gorge unlike anywhere else at Rooster Rock State Park. Unreal views. Don’t forget to check out the massive rock formation where famous the duo Lewis and Clark once camped under, and where the park gets its name.

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8. Wahclella Falls

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Wahclella Falls is a classic Oregon/Columbia Gorge waterfall that you’ve gotta check out. Massive basalt rocks carved out by Tanner Creek create a perfect scene.

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As you can see, Portland is a honey hole for amazing Adventures. Where do you want to go first?  Which ones have you gone on? As always, Adventures are best with friends, so get a group together and get a road trip in the making!

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