8 Crazy Arkansas Adventure Spots You Wouldn’t Believe Existed

With the weather warming up in spring of 2017, here are a few Arkansas adventure spots we feel everyone needs to check out at some point. They are in no particular order.

1. Whitaker Point (Hawksbill Crag)

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Jutting out over 100 feet above the Ozark National forest below, this spot is definitely a site to see. It is one of the most photographed points in Arkansas. The trail leading to the point is about 3 miles total round trip, and takes about 2.5 hours to complete.

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This spot is located about 38 miles south of Harrison, Arkansas below Ponca. It is an hour and a half drive from Fayetteville and an hour and a half drive from Russellville, Arkansas.

2. The Glory Hole

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 It is located between Fallsville and Edwards Junction, south of Boxley Valley; deep in the Ozark Forest. This is further south than Whitaker Point. It is located about an hour and twenty minutes from Fayetteville and an hour or so from Russellville, Arkansas.

3. The Grotto, Seven Hollows Trail 

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With hollows, streams, waterfalls, and rock formations, this trail has quit a bit to offer.  The trail consists of a 4.5 mile loop. Located at Petit Jean State Park. It is about 35 minutes from Russellville, Arkansas, two and a half hours from Fayetteville, and an hour and twenty minutes from Little Rock.

4. The Goat Trail/Big Bluff

This bluff is a towering 550 feet above the Buffalo River Valley. It contains a 3-4 foot ledge that runs along the edge of the bluff. The hike is a little over 2.5 miles to get to this point. This spot is also located in the Ozarks National forest above Ponca. It is located an hour and twenty minutes from Fayetteville and an hour and forty minutes from Russellville, Arkansas

5. Falling Water

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This is a ten foot waterfall that is fed by the Falling Water Creek. The large pool that it forms makes for a sick swimming hole during the summer months.  There is no hike to get here as it is right next to the road. The road follows Falling Water Creek for almost ten miles allowing you to stop and explore the many emerald pools and waterfalls along your route. It is roughly 2 hours away from Fayetteville and an hour drive from Russellville.

6. Dardanelle Rock

Located just outside of Russellville, Arkansas in the small town of Dardanelle, this Bohemia of a rock juts out of the Earth right on the edge of the Arkansas River. Climbing the backside of this 361 foot above sea level mountain leaves you looking over the entire town of Dardanelle with a beautiful view of the river.

 The climb takes about 25 minutes to get to the top and there are some steep parts. However, it is definitely worth the climb and highly recommended. It is located about 5 minutes from Russellville, Arkansas, an hour and a half from Fayetteville, and an hour and twenty minutes for Little Rock.

7.  Sugar Loaf Mountain

Sugar Loaf Mountain is a place that seems straight out of a movie, insane panoramic views. Located about an hour and twenty minutes from Little Rock, Arkansas, an hour and twenty minutes from Russellville, and close to three hours from Fayetteville

8. Eden Falls at Lost Valley

The Lost Valley trail is one of the most frequently visited areas in the Buffalo River area. This is partially do to the fact that it is very easy to get to, and just as easy to hike.

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 Lost Valley is located well below Berryville, Arkansas. It is about an hour and ten minutes from Fayetteville, an hour and thirty minutes from Russellville, and nearly two and a half hours from Little Rock.

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