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8 Coolest Hidden-Gem Adventures Near Arkansas Tech University

Arkansas Tech University, located in Russellville is one of the best geographically positioned schools in the state. Whether it’s a scenic overlook,  hidden swimming hole, or a float with friends, the area surrounding Arkansas Tech University has it all. Here are 8 of the coolest adventures you will find within a one hour drive from the town.

1. Long Pool

Long pool is part of the Big Piney Creek and is an awesome place to go to cool off during the summer. It features a big natural pool with huge rocks that you can climb and jump off.

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The water is clear and clean and actually gets pretty deep near the boulders. The best part about this swimming hole is it’s only a 35 minute drive from the school going up through Dover.

2. Slant Rock

Slant Rock is like Long Pool’s secret little cousin. It too is located on Big Piney Creek, but is much more secluded and hidden. You must park alongside the road and hike down an unofficial path to get to the promised land.

 It’s literally a huge slanted rock that you can just hang out on. Another cool feature is the rope swing you have to swim to get to on the other side. Slant Rock is pretty close to Long Pool so the directions are about the same – about 35 minutes from Arkansas Tech.

3. Dardanelle Rock

Dardanelle Rock is a personal favorite, especially since it’s only a 10 minute drive from the school.  It’s a massive boulder that takes about 25 minutes to ascend.

Once atop, you have an awesome view of the Arkansas River and the town of Dardanelle.

 Hitting it up at dark makes for an awesome night adventure, and the sun rises right in front of the peak if you make it out in the morning. Camp atop this beast and get the best of both worlds. It’s located right below Russellville.

4. Falling Water

Falling Waterfalls, better known to locals as “Falling Water” is probably the most popular swimming hole destination for Russellville residents. It’s located on Falling Water Creek.

It’s also a little further than some others, being about an hour drive north of the school. However, the drive is definitely worth it.

There is no hiking involved, you can literally drive right up and can see the spot from the road. Don’t let this fool you though, you are still in the heart of the Ozark National Forest and probably won’t have cell reception.

5. Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is your safe bet to watch the sunrise or sunset. You are able to drive straight up to the scenic top area, step out of your vehicle, and basically be right where you need to be to watch.

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It features unreal views of the entire Arkansas River Valley below. There are also trails to hike on and tons of camping spots if that’s what floats your boat. Located south of Russellville, Arkansas about 25 minutes from Arkansas Tech.

6. Mount Magazine

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Mount Magazine is Arkansas tallest mountain at a little over 2,700 feet. The video above is a taste of the sick sunrise featured at the top.

Similar to Mount Nebo, Mount Magazine offers insane views of the river valleys, deep canyons, and rolling mountains as far as the eye can see.It’s also one of the farther spots from the school, located east of Russellville, Arkansas about an hour from Arkansas Tech. Once again, worth it to check out the highest point in the state.

It’s also one of the farther spots from the school, located east of Russellville, Arkansas about an hour from Arkansas Tech. Once again, worth it to check out the highest point in the state.

7. Old Post Lookout Point

This is one of the lesser known but cooler places in the area. It is located at Old Post Park / Lock and Dam.

 To get to it you must locate the hidden trail off one of the disc golf holes. It is hard to explain so you will just have to figure it out by looking at the map below. It’s about a 5 – 10 minute drive from Arkansas Tech.

8. Big Piney Creek

Floating the Piney is both fun and relaxing. You can float and enjoy your surroundings plus take on some occasional rapids. Lots of spots that you can pull off at to hangout with friends, camp, or cookout.

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Lots of people choose to put in at Long Pool which is described above. It’s about a 35 minute commute from Arkansas Tech (Russellville, Arkansas)

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There you have it, eight of the coolest adventuring areas around Arkansas Tech in Russellville. All are well worth your time and the short commutes. As always, most of these are much more fun with friends, so get a good group together and have a kickin summer.

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