7 Insane Pacific Northwest Waterfalls You Have To See

The Pacific Northwest is world renowned for its Adventures, and it’s waterfalls are a huge reason for that! Sometimes it’s difficult deciding on which one to hit up, but don’t worry, we narrowed it down to 7 Insane Pacific Northwest Waterfalls You Have To See!

1. Comet Falls, Washington

Dropping from over 320 ft., Comet Falls is a beauty of a waterfall. With massive rock formations along side, the falls create a perfect scene. Located in the Mount Rainier Region, the falls are a must.

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2. Multnomah Falls, Oregon

The famous Multnomah Falls has not one, but two drops to create masterpiece. Drops from over 540 and 70 ft., super easy hike, just outside of Portland, Oregon.

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3. Bridal Veil Falls, Washington

Created from Lake Serene, Bridal Veil Falls drops from over 1,300 ft! Creating an awesome  image of a brides veil, which is where its name comes from (sure you needed me to tell you that)…the falls are just outside Index, Washington, and a can’t miss!

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4. Latourell Falls, Oregon

Apart of the Columbia Gorge along the Oregon/Washington border, Latourell Falls is a massive 250 ft. waterfall. Located just outside of Portland.

5. Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

There’s never a bad time to go the famous Snoqualmie Falls, hit it up after a good rain and you’ll see a RAGER of a waterfall. The falls drop from over 268 ft and is located just outside Snoqualmie, Washington. This video below sums it up perfectly.


6. Toketee Falls, Oregon

Coming off the North Umpquah River, Toketee is a quintessential Oregon River. Formed withing a basalt gorge, it drops from over 120 ft, and creates a pool down below. Located just outside of

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7. Palouse Falls, Washington

Just outside of Spokane, Palouse Falls is a can’t miss Adventure. In the middle of nowhere, the Palouse River drops 198 ft. into a canyon, creating one of the best Waterfalls in the PNW. For more information on this waterfall, check out our article The Astonishing, Incredible, Wonderful Palouse Falls of Washington.

Alright, now the real question….Which do you go to first!? The Pacific Northwest is a cornucopia of waterfalls, and these are some that need to be seen! Share and tag a friend on this post so you can start planning your trip!

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