8 Best South Carolina Canoe/Kayak Adventures To Hit Up

It’s that time of the year again! Time to break out the swim suits, paddles, and get some friends together on an awesome South Carolina water adventure! Lets be honest though , its always time to get out on an Adventure. South Carolina has countless spots to hit up, be it on a kayak, canoe, tube, SUP or raft, nothing beats the heat like a day out paddling out on the water. We’ve put together your ultimate list of South Carolina Canoe Kayak Adventures you need to go too! Check them out below and share with your friends!

Catawba River – Maps 

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The Catawba River is a classic lazy river float perfect for beating the heat and spending a day out on the water. With a current for the majority of the way, you’re able to kick back and let the river float you down, leaving you with nothing to do other than enjoying the true South Carolina scenery. This is the perfect river to hit up with a group of friends and/or family.

Along the way, countless boulders and bars are scattered about that are perfect for pulling off to take a break for lunch and explore the banks. When making it out to the Catawba, make sure and stop by Rockin’ River Adventures for all you floating needs. They have full service tube, kayak, and tandem kayak rentals for your Catawba River float!

Rockin’ River Adventures:

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Pawleys Island – Maps

Pawleys Island is a well known vacation destination off the coast offering perfect tidal adventures for you to get out and enjoy the day out on the water. Explore the different channels throughout, hit up the beach for a break, all while taking in the beautiful coastal scenery along way. Hit it up for a sunrise or sunset and you’ll be left in awe. One of the biggest attractions of the island is the great fishing that it offers, meaning you should bring the reels out along for your Adventure.

You can also try skills at crabbing, which is also a go to activity for the area. People from over all flock to the island throughout the year to catch a break, beat the heat, and spend a day out on the water. Pawleys Island Kayaks is the premier outfitter for the island, they deliver all of their rentals out to you! Be it on the beach, your home/vacation home, or at their store, they have you covered with kayak, paddleboard, and surfboard rentals, as well as crab fishing gear for you to experience the great Pawleys Island!

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Cherry Grove/Backwater – Maps

Take a trip into the backwater and hit up Cherry Grove! This scenic tour will have you meandering through a maze of winding creeks packed with wildlife! The tidal ecosystem is loaded with local plant fauna and wildlife, and offers a unique experience all should experience. Right off the coast, you’ll come face to face with numerous coastal bird species native to the area. It’s also prized destination for fishing, so bring your poles out with you!

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  Along the trip, you’ll come to one of the areas last undeveloped barrier islands, Waites Island. This is a perfect stop along the way to take a break on the beach and explore the scenic island. After your break, you’ll  hop back on and paddle winding creeks home. When in the Myrtle Beach Area, this is a must Adventure, just make sure and stop by the team over at J and L Kayak Ecoventures! The premier outfitter in the area, they’ve been voted number one on TripAdviser for Myrtle Beach and have the best equipment around. Experts of the area, they offer guided tours to Cherry Grove, moonlight and sunset paddles, as well as other must see Adventures in and around Myrtle Beach!

J and L Kayak Ecoventures:

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Capers Islands – Maps

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Off the coast of Charleston, Capers Island is a beautiful undeveloped pristine barrier island that brings you an out of this world Adventure. Home to “Bone-Yard Beach,” a 3 mile stretch of tree skeletons and washed up logs, you’re able to meander about the sculpture garden of trees. Overnight trips here are a must, with 80 camping spots scattered through the island, you have your options to paddle about and find the perfect spot to get a fire going and sleep under the stars for the night. Perfect for group outings!

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Natures Adventures is the spot to head to when you’re ready to explore Capers Islands. They have full day and overnight trips to this majestic Adventure. They service all over the Charleston area, and are the premier outfitter. Kayak with the dolphins in Shem Creek, paddle the Ace Basin where three rivers converge, go on a scenic float down the Ashley River, or explore Capers Island on an overnight trip; Natures Adventures are experts of them all, and have everything you’ll need for your Adventures!

Natures Adventures:

(843) 568-3222 or Get Directions!

Murrells Inlet Salt Marsh – Maps

Another must experience Myrtle Beach destination, a trip within the Murrells Inlet Salt Marsh brings you the best of both worlds. Not only is it a perfect spot to paddle about and meander through tidal waterways, its also leaves you multiple options to get out and explore the beach. When you’re ready to see some wildlife, this is where you want to be!

Have a chance to paddle with dolphins, sea turtles, and minks. Hop out and explore the beaches in search for crabs and oysters. Regardless of when you go, and how long you stay out, you’re bound to see wildlife while here. Make sure and stop by Express Watersports when its time for you to explore Murrells Inlet! They have multiple guided trips here, are experts of the area, and also service other Myrtle Beach destinations!

Express Watersports:

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Hilton Head – Maps 

Hilton Head has it all. Which is probably why it’s become one of the premier paddling destinations in South Carolina. Want some wildlife? Explore one of the the remote creeks known for leaving you with the chance to run into dolphins and mink. But keep your eyes up above for eagles, herons, and/or osprey as well.

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Take a break and go exploring one of the many remote shell banks and sandbars scattered about the area. If fishing is what you’re after, Hilton Head has you covered. Everything from red bass, trout, small sharks, lady fish, and flounder all await you! Be it on a kayak, jetski, SUP, or boat, Hilton Head has everything you want. Your outfitter for Hilton Head is no other than Sea Monkeys Watersports. Full service kayak/jetski/boat/SUP rentals as well as guided trips all over Hilton Head!

Sea Monkeys Watersports:

(843) 842-4754 or Get Directions!

Waccamaw River – Maps 

Becoming one of the Myrtle Beach’s go to Adventures, the Waccamaw River runs past sandy banks, old rice fields, islands, and expansive stretches of marsh. Throughout your trip, you’re surrounded in nature and left in awe as towering cypress trees covered in Spanish moss  line banks and hover above for an unforgettable scene. Packed with wildlife, you’re bound to have some visitors along the way. Be it a White Iris, Red Tailed Hawk, the occasional otter, and sometimes even an alligator, you’ll always be on the lookout for what’s around the corner.

And when you see otters, you known the fishing is top notch, so bring the poles out with you! Make sure and stop by J and L Kayak Ecoventures when making it out on the Waccamaw. Verteran owned and family operated, they have full service kayak rentals and guided tours along with multiple other trips in the Myrtle Beach area!

J and L Kayak Ecoventures:

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Saluda River – Maps

With miles of undeveloped riverbank and preserved wildlife, the Saluda River is a paddlers paradise in the heart of the midlands of South Carolina. This is a scenic float, and one that fully engulfs you. For the majority of the river, its a slow, flat water float that is perfect for fishing letting the rivers current take you down. Fly fishing specifically is a favorite on the river, so bring out the rods.

There are some boulders and drops that give you some small rapids for excitement, and a small section of the lower portion of the river offers some whitewater rapids all ranging from class II-IV! You’ll want to stop by Paddlesouth Outfitters when you’re ready to experience the Saluda! They have full service kayak and SUP rentals for the Saluda and other lakes and rivers in the area!

Paddlesouth Outfitters:

(803) 816-5137  or Get Directions!

There you have it, your ultimate guide to the amazing water Adventures in South Carolina.  Make this a memorable year out on the water. Hitting the rivers, lakes, and beaches allow you to experience Michigan in a way like no other. Hit up some friends, make some plans, and get ready to on an adventure.

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